Food Experiences and Drooling
No Judgment Zone

BigOven Kitchen is our brainchild for a hybrid studio/test kitchen featuring a fully functional kitchen, dining hall, lounge, and bar -- covering everything we could think of where food and drink could be enjoyed! This is not just a test kitchen, but a place to play with all kinds of food content and production.

Create & Test Recipes
We love playing with our food and experimenting in the kitchen and bar to create and perfect new recipes. Our goal is to serve up swoon-worthy recipes and food content and to take all the guesswork out of cooking so that you can maximize your time and money.
A Space for Video
With video production in mind, we paid attention to every detail when designing the space. Some may even say we are neurotic (our designers can attest). Hours were spent picking out the least reflective surfaces, choosing the decor, smart appliances and making sure the layout worked for a variety of different shots.
Toys Galore
We may have gone a bit crazy on the camera equipment, too. Jibs, dollys, tracks, probe lens, macro lens — anything to get the perfect shot. Including fully decked out in smart appliances.

Why BigOven Kitchen?

BigOven Kitchen is where we make magic happen -- experimenting and exploring new ways to deliver food content to all of our channels, from enterprise customers, such as grocers, to YouTubers. Hopefully, we find a place at your table, too. More importantly, we want to make cooking simple, accessible, and fun. In our lab/test kitchen, we do all the work so you don’t have to.

2,000 Square Feet

Includes a fully-equipped kitchen and preparation, storage, dining, and lounge/bar space.

Cooking Stage

Camera-ready features a range of lighting and ambiance options that promise creative freedom.

Fully-Equipped Kitchen
We have multiple smart appliances including, gas ranges, convection ovens, and refrigerators — as well as cupboards fully-stocked with cookware, dinnerware, and styling props.
Fully-Equipped Video Production
BigOven Kitchen has a camera-ready studio kitchen outfitted with all the technology, lighting, and video equipment needed to accommodate production.

Want To Indulge in the Cooking Fun?