About BigOven Studio Kitchen

What is with the name BigOven? Well, we liked it and thought the website and apps were like a big oven of recipes, so we went with it over 10 years ago.

We have always been a recipe service to help cooks organize their favorite recipes and to be able to create a shopping list, but then, in the middle of the night, our CEO a Eureka moment and thought we needed to create more compelling content. So, we went at it like a bull in a China shop, literally knocking down walls and tearing out drywall. We knew we wanted a studio kitchen, but it grew and grew as we designed the space. We ended up with a massive kitchen that any cook would salivate over. Then, we thought what good is a kitchen without somewhere to eat the food? So, the dining room was born, with space to shoot the spoils of cooking. Finally, we thought, well, if you have a dining room, you can’t leave out a bar and lounge – plus, we wanted a space to avoid our bosses. So, the bar and lounge were designed and we are not sure if productivity has increased or decreased, but we enjoy it nonetheless.

During the design process, we let our neurotic side come into full view. Honestly, we may have driven a few designers mad, but we knew what we wanted was a space like no other. We spared no detail. We looked at blueprints for hours, moving an appliance here or moving a cabinet there – all to make sure we could get every shoot exactly as we wanted it. We went through so many countertop options, I don’t think anyone involved is going to remodel their home kitchen any time soon. We eventually settled on Cosentino Et Calacatta Suede surfaces (Porcelain Surfaces) that reduced the glare as much as possible after shooting at one of our homes and seeing the glare in granite was unbearable. The process has been lots of tears and sweat, but the final product speaks for itself. What we’ve wound up with is a haven for cooks and a place to let the creative juices fly. Considering how technology is also changing how we cook, with smart appliances entering the kitchen, we needed a space that would let us experiment, see what makes sense, and really helps. The possibilities are endless with our new studio kitchen.

Some Quick Specs if you are Interested

2000 ft² Studio

Bosch 800 Series Combination Oven

Bosch 800 Series Gas Slide-in Range

Elation KL Panels full-color spectrum LED studio lights

Cosentino Et Calacatta Suede Surfaces

KitchenAid 5 Burner Gas Downdraft Cooktop

Bosch 800 Series French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator

Fisher & Paykel Freestanding Refrigerator Freezer

NDI ready with BirdDog Converters

Bosch Dishwasher

KitchenAid Custom Metallic® Series 5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

ChamSys Control Console

Dell Precision 5820 Workstations for Processing

The Content

Who says cooking can’t be fun? In our recipe lab, we produce how-to food preparation videos to broadcast across social media, YouTube, apps, and BigOven, as well as client sites, apps, and media, even live-streaming. We are always creating new content ideas, and some might get burnt, but as every cook knows you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet.

BigOven isn’t limited to just recipe how-tos, but used as a forum to share tips, tricks, and tactics, as well as content that relates to trends, changes, and growth in the food industry. That is a fancy way of saying we love all things food-related. We live on a steady diet of food shows, cooking bravado, and willingness to explore half-baked ideas.

The goal is to become a trusted resource for food content that you can rely on
and gobble up. Dig in.

Ready to Go Bananas?